Aurora Nursing Home Neglect AttorneyFew people even want to consider the possibility that their elderly loved one has been sexually abused while living in a nursing home. However, sexual abuse in nursing homes is not unheard of. It is likely more common than most people think. Many nursing home residents are not able to communicate what is happening to them in a direct fashion due to the effects of aging that led them to reside a nursing home. The vulnerability of these patients sadly makes them easier to take advantage of. There are signs you may notice when you visit your loved one – new discomfort when sitting, bruising around the thighs, PTSD symptoms, or unexplained fear of a particular person or place – that can indicate that your loved one may have been harmed in this way. If you suspect that your loved one may have been sexually abused in their nursing home, it can be very helpful to enlist the help of an attorney to pursue compensation and better care for your loved one. 

Types of Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Forms of sexual abuse nursing home residents may face include: 

  • Unwanted touching of breasts or genitals,

  • Forced vaginal, anal, or oral sex,

  • Forced nudity other than that required to provide appropriate care such as changing a diaper

  • Being forced to watch pornography or witness sex acts including masturbation

  • Taking pictures or video of a resident while they are nude or partially clothed, including images of the patient receiving care that involves being undressed. 

This is not a comprehensive list of all types of sexual abuse that may occur. An attorney can help determine whether what happened to your loved one constitutes sexual abuse from a legal perspective. 

Who is Responsible for Nursing Home Sexual Abuse? 

Perhaps surprisingly, a large percentage of the sexual abuse that takes place in nursing homes is committed by another resident. Many or most people who live in nursing homes have some type of age-related cognitive impairment, such as dementia. A resident whose dementia has altered their behavior may perpetrate sexual abuse against another resident. However, the nursing home remains responsible for protecting its residents from abuse by other residents. 

Sadly, staff may also engage in sexually abusing residents. Abusing a position of trust to access and abuse vulnerable elders is taken very seriously in courts. Additionally, there are cases where a visitor to the nursing home sexually abuses the resident they are visiting. It is important to seek a lawyer’s advice if you suspect that sexual abuse was carried out by a visitor. 

Contact a Kane County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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