Discover a new opportunity in the cannabis industry with Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) in New York. The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) announced the program that allows licensed NY cultivators to sell their products (like weed) directly to consumers at temporary retail locations.

Learn about the key points, potential benefits, and challenges of CGS events in our latest blog post. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your cannabis business!

What are Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS)?

The Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) program in New York allows licensed cannabis cultivators and processors to showcase their products at temporary retail events. Consumers can purchase these products from licensed retailers at the event, which can be held at approved locations such as standalone retail stores or licensed dispensaries.

The CGS program is open to eligible NYS adult-use cultivators and conditional retail license (CAURD) holders to fix the backlog caused by DASNY’s slow roll out of dispensaries with only about 22 open in the whole Empire State. All CAURD holders that want to do a CGS who must submit an application to the OCM prior to the event.

Cannabis growers showcases (CGS) are exclusive retail events where licensed cultivators and processors can directly sell their products to consumers, providing a platform for businesses in the cannabis industry to engage with potential customers and promote their offerings.

Cannabis growers showcases (CGS) are temporary retail events where licensed cannabis cultivators and processors can display and sell their products directly to consumers. These events provide a unique opportunity for businesses in the cannabis industry to promote their offerings and engage with potential customers. CGS events must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including restrictions on on-site consumption and alcohol sales. Approved locations for CGS events include various types of venues, ensuring flexibility for organizers while ensuring compliance with state requirements.

Definition and Purpose

  • Promoting the latest innovations in cannabis cultivation
  • Providing a platform for cannabis growers to showcase their products and expertise
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with experienced growers and industry professionals

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

Cannabis Growers ShowcasesTo participate in the Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) program, growers must have a valid license or permit from the New York Cannabis Control Board. Additionally, they must comply with all state and local regulations regarding cannabis cultivation. It is also important to have demonstrated experience in commercial cannabis growing operations. These eligibility criteria ensure that participants are knowledgeable about the industry and compliant with legal requirements.

Finally, to be eligible for CGS events, cultivators need to meet certain criteria set by the control board. They should possess a valid license or permit issued by the New York Cannabis Control Board and demonstrate their compliance with all state and local regulations pertaining to cannabis cultivation. Furthermore, having prior experience in commercial cannabis growing operations is essential for participation.

In order to participate in CGS events as a grower, there are specific eligibility criteria that need to be met. Firstly, growers must hold a valid license or permit from the New York Cannabis Control Board. Secondly, they must comply with all state and local regulations regarding cannabis cultivation. Lastly but not least importantly at all – it is required that participants have demonstrated experience in commercial cannabis growing operations.

For participation in CGS events as growers within New York State’s initiative program – licensed adult-use conditional cultivators who demonstrate expertise through proven success will be sought after heavily due largely because of increased demand over supply; meaning those without ample knowledge may face difficulty securing spots among other applicants seeking these coveted opportunities today!

Approved Locations for CGS Events

1. Designated convention centers in major cities across New York State offer indoor facilities equipped with advanced lighting, climate control, security systems and proper insurance. These venues provide the ideal setting for showcasing cannabis products to a large audience of potential buyers.

2. Secure outdoor locations suitable for showcasing large-scale outdoor grows are also approved for CGS events. These locations allow cultivators to showcase their crops in a natural environment while ensuring the safety and security of the event.

In conclusion, the Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) program offers licensed cannabis cultivators and processors an opportunity to showcase their products directly to consumers at approved event locations. Whether indoors or outdoors, these designated venues provide a platform for growers to exhibit their products in a secure and controlled environment.

The information provided on CGS events ensures that entrepreneurs looking to start or operate a cannabis business have access to valuable resources that can help them navigate through this new opportunity in New York State’s cannabis industry.

Key Points from the Article

  • The Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) program in New York allows licensed cannabis cultivators to sell their products directly to consumers at temporary retail locations.
  • CGS events must be held at approved locations and on-site consumption and alcohol sales are prohibited. Applications are being accepted through December 1, 2023.

Open to Licensed Cultivators and Retailers

Participating in Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) offers licensed cultivators and retailers a unique opportunity to directly connect with consumers and showcase their products. By participating in CGS events, cultivators can increase sales and brand visibility, while retailers can expand their product offerings and attract new customers. It’s a win-win situation that allows licensed businesses to tap into the growing cannabis market in New York.

To obtain a cultivation or retail license in New York, aspiring entrepreneurs must meet certain requirements set by the Office of Cannabis Management. This includes being either an Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator or Processor (AUCC/AUCP) or a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD). Once licensed, individuals can apply for participation in CGS events through December 1, 2023.

Licensed cultivators and retailers have access to promising market opportunities through CGS events. With the growing acceptance of cannabis use and legalization efforts across the country, there is significant potential for business growth within this industry. Participating in CGS provides a platform for licensed businesses to reach a wider consumer base and capitalize on this expanding market.

Prohibited Activities at CGS Events

Explanation of activities that are strictly prohibited at the showcases: On-site consumption and alcohol sales are strictly prohibited at CGS events. Participants and attendees are not allowed to consume cannabis products on-site or bring their own alcohol.

Importance of adhering to rules and regulations during the events: It is crucial for all participants, organizers, and attendees to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Office of Cannabis Management. Compliance ensures a safe environment for everyone involved, maintains professionalism, and upholds the integrity of the CGS program.

Consequences for non-compliance with prohibition guidelines: Non-compliance with prohibition guidelines can result in severe consequences. Violators may face penalties such as fines, suspension or revocation of licenses, disqualification from future CGS events, or even legal action. Strict adherence to the prohibited activities is necessary to ensure a successful and compliant showcase experience.

Application Timeline and Fee

Key dates to remember when submitting an application for CGS participation: Applications are being accepted through December 1, 2023. Make sure to submit your application at least 10 business days in advance of the event.

Details about the application fee structure and payment process: The CGS application fee is $2,500. Payment must be submitted along with your application to complete the process.

‘First-come, first-served’ policy regarding applications: Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your spot at a CGS event, make sure to submit your application as early as possible.

Responsibilities of CGS Organizers

  • Conduct thorough preparations before, during, and after each event
  • Maintain a safe environment for attendees by adhering to safety protocols and regulations
  • Ensure fair competition among participants while providing equal opportunities for all

Organizers bear the responsibility of carrying out various duties in order to make Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) events successful. These responsibilities include detailed planning and coordination before the event, ensuring the safety of attendees during the event, and upholding fairness and equal opportunities for all participants. It is crucial that organizers prioritize these responsibilities to create a positive experience for everyone involved.


  • Thoroughly plan and coordinate each CGS event
  • Secure an approved location
  • Adhere to safety protocols
  • Provide adequate security measures
  • Implement effective marketing strategies
  • Verify compliance with New York State laws

Compliance with State Laws

Detailed explanation on how cannabis growers can ensure compliance with New York state laws:

Cannabis growers in New York must ensure compliance with state laws to operate legally. This includes obtaining the necessary licenses, adhering to restrictions on locations and event activities, and ensuring that all products sold at CGS events are compliant with state regulations.

The legal implications associated with non-compliant operations:

Non-compliant cannabis operations in New York may face serious legal consequences. These can include fines, penalties, loss of license, and even criminal charges. It is essential for cannabis growers to understand and follow all applicable laws to avoid these risks.

How regulatory changes impact cannabis businesses in New York:

Regulatory changes can have a significant impact on cannabis businesses in New York. Growers must stay informed about any updates or amendments to the state’s laws regarding cultivation, sales, packaging requirements, testing standards, and advertising guidelines. Adapting to these changes is crucial for maintaining compliance and successfully operating within the evolving regulatory landscape of the industry.

Challenges and Potential Benefits of CGS

The challenges of the Cannabis Growers Showcases (CGS) program in New York include a limited number of licensed cultivators, high participation costs, and a lack of clarity on rules and regulations. However, the potential benefits are significant. CGS events can increase the availability of legal cannabis products for consumers and support the growth of the cannabis industry in New York. This new opportunity allows licensed growers to directly sell their products to consumers at temporary retail locations, providing a valuable outlet for cannabis sales.

Limited Number of Licensed Cultivators

Intense competition for licenses in the limited number of licensed cultivators has created a challenging environment for entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis industry. Strict qualifications and background checks are necessary to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the integrity of the market. To thrive in this competitive landscape, differentiation is crucial, as businesses must find unique ways to stand out among their competitors.

The need for differentiation in the limited number of licensed cultivators is paramount. With intense competition for licenses, strict qualifications and background checks play a vital role in ensuring that only qualified individuals and businesses can participate in the cannabis industry. This helps maintain regulatory compliance and safeguard against potential risks or illegal activities within the market. As such, it becomes imperative for aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on innovative strategies that set them apart from others operating within this space.

High Cost of Participation

  • Investing in advanced growing equipment
  • Ensuring compliance with security measures
  • Meeting requirements for quality control

Lack of Clarity on Rules and Regulations

Navigating Complex Licensing Procedures:

  • CGS events are open to licensed adult-use conditional cultivators and conditional retail dispensaries with final authorizations from the Office for licensed activities.
  • CGS Organizers must submit a CGS application to the Office at least 10 business days in advance of the event.
  • The CGS application fee is $2,500.

Coping with Evolving Legislation and Policy Changes:

  • A Cannabis Growers Showcase (CGS) is subject to all applicable New York State laws and regulations.
  • It’s important for participants to stay updated on any changes or updates in cannabis legislation.

Understanding Zoning Restrictions and Operational Limitations:

  • CGS events must be held at approved locations, including standalone retail locations, licensed dispensary locations, or other approved event locations.
  • On-site consumption and alcohol sales are prohibited at CGS events.

Increasing Availability of Legal Cannabis Products

To increase the availability of legal cannabis products, cannabis growers are diversifying their offerings to attract customers. By offering a wide range of product options such as edibles, topicals, and concentrates, they can cater to different consumer preferences and expand their customer base.

Cannabis growers are also utilizing innovative extraction methods to create unique products. This allows them to differentiate themselves in the market and offer consumers new and exciting experiences with cannabis. From live resin extracts to infused beverages, these innovative products can drive customer interest and loyalty.

Furthermore, evaluating consumer demand trends is crucial for staying competitive in the cannabis industry. By staying informed about what consumers want and adapting their product offerings accordingly, growers can ensure that they meet market demands effectively. Whether it’s following popular strains or exploring emerging consumption trends like microdosing or CBD-infused products, understanding consumer preferences is key for success in this rapidly evolving industry.

Supporting the Growth of the Cannabis Industry

Investing in research and development is crucial for the cannabis industry’s growth. By continuously improving strains, cultivators can meet consumer demands for quality and variety, ultimately driving sales and expansion.

Fostering collaboration among cultivators, distributors, and retailers is essential to support the growth of the cannabis industry. Through partnerships and shared knowledge, businesses can streamline operations, enhance product availability, and create a more robust market.

Educating consumers about responsible consumption practices is vital for the sustainable growth of the cannabis industry. By promoting safe usage guidelines regarding dosage control, potential risks, and harm reduction strategies, we can ensure that consumers make informed choices while enjoying cannabis products.

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