St. Charles Child Custody LawyerIn Illinois, figuring out custody and the allocation of parental responsibilities can be complicated and emotionally arduous, as parents tend to be strongly opinionated as to their wishes regarding their children. During the custody evaluation process, psychological evaluations are often requested to gain a better understanding of a parent’s mental health and psychological functioning. These evaluations can provide valuable insights into how a parent’s emotional state affects their ability to parent effectively. For legal assistance regarding this important matter, contact a skilled child custody lawyer to put yourself in the best position to pursue a favorable custody and case outcome. 

When Are Psychological Evaluations Used?

Psychological evaluations are typically used in cases where there are concerns about a parent’s mental health, history of substance abuse or addiction, or any significant mental or psychological issue affecting their ability to parent. A court may order a psychological evaluation in an Illinois custody case if it deems it necessary to determine the best interests of the children involved. While medical records and personal testimony are also helpful in making such determinations regarding a parent’s mental and emotional health, psychological evaluations are often the most useful in forming a complete picture of a parent’s overall mental health and emotional functioning. 

What Happens During a Psychological Evaluation? 

A psychological evaluation typically involves interviews, psychological tests, and observations. During this process, a qualified mental health professional will carefully assess the parent’s mental state, behavior, and capacity to parent successfully. They will also consider whether the parents have any conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or addiction, that may substantially interfere with the parent’s ability to serve as a caregiver for their child. Additionally, the evaluator may interview the children, other family members, and friends to obtain additional information about the relationship between the parent and child. 

How Are the Results Used? 

The results of a psychological evaluation may be used by the court to assist in determining the allocation of parental responsibilities between the parents. It is important to note that while the findings of such evaluations will be given considerable weight, they will not be the sole deciding factor in custody rulings. 

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