Monday, June 5, 2023

The secrets you must share before you die

Estate planningWhen we die, it is inevitable that people will go through our things. Whether that be items hidden away in boxes or desk drawers or electronic documents and messages shared online. Robert Wolgemuth writes:

A now deceased, world-renowned thinker, apologist, speaker, and author was my friend… As his literary agent, I was involved in nearly every book he wrote, negotiating, along with my colleagues, the publishers’ contracts. He and I texted often… The week he died, I studied photos his family posted and wept at the sight of my failing friend. But in the months that followed, troubling things about this once-revered man began to surface. Secrets. Disquieting news began to seep out about a life it turned out he had been living in the dark. Decades-long, disgraceful behavior he had managed to keep hidden from public view came to light. Few of those who thought they knew him best had any idea of his life in the shadows until after his passing. 

To read more see Robert Wolgemuth “The secrets you must share before you die” Fox News, June 3, 2023.

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