Today, we report on a few new Illinois laws that were recently enacted that concern Illinois townships:
P.A. 103-0016 prohibits township officials from withholding township funds from an organization based on the perceived citizenship or immigration status of the person who would receive funds from that organization.
P.A. 103-0025 amends the Illinois Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act to modify the conflict of interest restrictions that apply to municipal and county officers that also serve on the board of a non-profit organization to also apply to township officers.
P.A. 103-0072 provides that townships on a cash or modified cash basis of accounting can only count levied tax funds towards the total township funds if received within the township’s fiscal year. The law also provides that a highway commissioner’s equipment and building fund is considered a capital fund that is not subject to the limitation on the accumulation of funds provision of Section 85-65 of the Township Code.