shutterstock_2161227609_20230605-142045_1.jpgMost Illinois divorces are resolved without the need for a trial. However, not every divorce begins on the path toward an amicable resolution. There are some instances in which you may need some extra help to reach an agreement. A professional mediator can help you and your spouse find common ground and move toward a potential settlement.

How Mediation Works in a Divorce

A mediator is a trained party who is neutral. They do not have any power to decide issues in the divorce, nor will they take sides between the two spouses. Instead, they will help the two parties talk. The mediator would help the spouses find common ground and help them navigate the more difficult issues that stand between the parties and a final agreement. The hope is that, by communicating and exchanging viewpoints, the two spouses can bridge the gap and eventually reach an agreement. 

How Can Mediation Benefit Me?

There are times when you may have unresolved issues and deadlocks that you are having trouble breaking. You may need a little extra help to get a divorce agreement over the finish line. Alternatively, you and your spouse may have difficulty talking because of the emotion of the divorce. The mediator can help keep settlement discussions constructive and provide an objective view on the negotiations. 

Studies show that mediation in divorce cases has a high success rate. Estimates are that between 80-90% of mediation efforts in divorce are successful. Mediation could lead to an agreement without the expense and stress of a divorce trial. Resolving a divorce amicably can help you move on more quickly, and it would be better for any children involved.

When Mediation Can Help the Most

Divorce mediation has the greatest chance of success when each spouse enters the mediation prepared, both with their own proposals and to compromise. The mediator’s purpose is not to get one spouse what they want from the negotiations. The mediator is supposed to facilitate a give-and-take between the two sides. Your chances of success may be the strongest when you bring an experienced family law attorney to act on your behalf during the negotiation. 

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