Rolling Meadows parenting plan attorneyOur world has changed dramatically in the past decade. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the rise in sophisticated technology, our lives have been changed in ways that we never imagined. As a result, there are more considerations than ever for divorcing parents to keep in mind as they prepare for their separation.

If you are getting divorced, your parenting plan will include decisions about the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time, information about your right to access child-related records, provisions addressing future modifications of the parenting plan, and much more. However, divorcing parents should not stop at the bare minimum. They may also need to address the following five key issues:

Technology and Online Safety

With the increased use of technology in children’s everyday lives, online safety has become a major issue for parents to consider when creating their parenting plan. Whether agreeing on appropriate internet usage or developing guidelines for monitoring online activity, both parents should be aware of their expectations in order to ensure the safety of their children.

Screen Time Limitations

Some studies show that excessive time in front of a computer or television screen can increase a child’s risk of developing insomnia, depression, attention problems, and obesity. As you develop your parenting plan, you may want to consider any restrictions on technology that you and your spouse will agree that your children will follow. Will your child’s “screen time” be limited? If so, how will this be enforced by both parents? Creating a plan together is important to ensure that children are not overusing technology.

Communication Protocols

As communication becomes increasingly digital, parents need to develop protocols for communicating with their child when they are not together. For example, both parents should agree upon the type of communication (texting, emailing, etc.), how often to communicate (daily check-ins or weekly phone calls), and the topics that can be discussed (details of activities, school progress, etc.).

Extracurricular Activities

Divorcing parents should also consider if and how extracurricular activities will be managed. Who will cover associated costs such as registration fees, uniforms, and equipment? What rules will the parents put in place for participation and attendance? Will one parent be responsible for transporting the child to and from activities, or will both parents be expected to contribute?

Rules and Discipline

Last, but certainly not least, parents should make sure to discuss rules and discipline in their parenting plan. How will each parent handle discipline? What rewards and consequences will be in place for good and bad behavior? Establishing clear expectations now can help prevent arguments and confusion later.

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