Sunday, May 14, 2023

Young Lawyers Network – What All Young Trust and Estate Litigators Should Know

Josh Crowfoot (Crowfoot Law Firm) recently published an article, Young Lawyers Network— What All Young Trust And Estate Litigators Should Know, ABA Probate & Property Magazine, May/June 2023. Provided below is an introduction to the article:

So you decided litigating trust and estate disputes might be interesting. Or, perhaps, you enjoyed your wills and trusts law-school course but wanted to represent clients in court. Regardless of how you arrived at this point in your legal career, welcome. If you haven’t already, you will undoubtedly find trust and estate litigation to be a rewarding and interesting practice. The intersection of money and family is rarely, if ever, dull, particularly in litigated matters. But what should you know to ensure that trust and estate litigation will be a rewarding and sustainable practice for you? Here is some relatively brief unsolicited advice.

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