The following statements are available regarding the arrest of the second suspect in the shooting of Dakotah Earley on Monday, May 15, 2023.

From Joy Dobbs, Mother of Dakotah Earley

“It is with mixed emotions that we hear of the arrest of the second person in the shooting of Dakotah. We are happy that this individual has been removed from our streets and will be held accountable for his role in the shooting. But it is also very hard for us to relive that day again.”

From Larry Disparti, Founder of Disparti Law Group/Counsel for Dakotah Earley

“We would like to applaud the rank-and-file police officers and detectives of the Chicago Police Department who have dedicated themselves to this case. Dakotah deserves justice for this terrible tragedy. And justice means that all parties involved should be held responsible. This is why we stand firm in our belief that the flawed “no-pursuit” policy of the Chicago Police Department played a very significant role in Dakotah’s tragedy. We will continue to fight on the family’s behalf until justice is served.”

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