Kane County Child Support LawyerAs any parent can confirm, raising a child is costly. Tuition and other educational expenses, childcare, extracurricular activities, clothing, housing, and groceries are just some of the many expenses a parent will need to cover. Child support payments help distribute the cost of raising a child between the two parents.

Unfortunately, some parents try to pay less than their fair share of financial support. If your child’s parent receives cash income “under the table,” you may worry about how this will influence child support payments. In this blog, we will discuss how child support is calculated in Illinois and what you can do if your parent is trying to manipulate the child support order by failing to disclose all sources of income.

Basics of Child Support Orders in Illinois

When the court determines the amount of child support to be paid, the court begins by gathering financial information from both parents. Each parent’s net income is calculated by taking their gross income and subtracting taxes, other support obligations, and certain other expenses. The parents’ combined income determines the total amount of support owed by both parents. The total support obligation is then distributed between the parents. The parent with less parenting time pays his or her share through child support.

How Failure to Disclose Income Affects Child Support

When a parent receives payments in cash and does not report the income on his or her taxes, the parent’s income will appear lower than it actually is. If the parent who is under-reporting income is the paying parent, his or her child support payment amount may be lower than it should be. If the parent who is under-reporting income is the recipient of child support, the paying parent may end up paying more than what he or she should. Neither of these situations is fair.

Finding Undisclosed Income During a Child Support Case or Divorce

If your child’s other parent is lying about how much money they make, this is a serious issue. Consider working with a family law attorney experienced in child support matters. Your lawyer can help you find evidence of the hidden income through forensic accounting or other means. A skilled attorney may use discovery tools such as requests for the production of documents or subpoenas to gather financial documents, employment records, or other sources of financial information.  

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