Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Intercategorical Analysis of Law

Adam J. Hirsch (Napoleon Jones Professor of Law and Herzog Endowed Scholar, University of San Diego School of Law) recently posted on SSRN his article entitled Intercategorical Analysis of Law which is forthcoming in the Washington University Jurisprudence Review. Here is the abstract of his article:

This Article advocates the routine use of intercategorical analysis in lawmaking: When formulating (or revisiting) rules within one legal category, courts, legislators, and codifiers alike should explore analogous doctrines that prevail in related categories. Such exploration may provide lawmakers with both inspiration and data relevant to formulating the doctrine under consideration. The Article offers three, disparate illustrations of how intercategorical analysis could improve our law, regarding (1) nonpossessory liens, (2) formalities for transfers of property, and (3) in rem proceedings for winding up different kinds of estates. The Article also addresses the potential relevance of intercategorical analysis when drawing the boundaries of legal categories. Finally, the Article assesses the risks inherent in intercategorical analysis and relates this mode of analysis to other “law-ands.”

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