After being injured in a car accident in Illinois, it is important to obtain the police report for your collision. Victims can typically do this by going online and downloading a copy of their report.

If the Illinois State Police completed your recent car accident report, you can get a copy by visiting its website. You’ll have to provide information about yourself and your accident and pay a fee of $5. Digital reports from the Illinois State Police are sent about ten days after a request has been made. If another law enforcement agency in Illinois completed your report, you may be able to get it online as well. Go to the police department’s website directly instead of using a non-affiliated third-party website. If you don’t want to get the report online, you will likely be able to get it in person or by mail in Illinois.

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How Can I Get a Crash Report on Illinois.Gov?

If the Illinois State Police responded to your recent car accident, you can get a copy of the crash report for your crash by heading to The Illinois State Police uses e-pay to provide crash reports to victims online.

If you want to obtain a copy of your accident report completed by the Illinois State Police online, you can do so. Digital copies cost $5 plus a service fee, and payments can be made using e-pay. Victims have the option to have their reports sent via email or by mail.

In order to find your report online, you must enter the agency crash report number, the date of the crash, the county where the crash occurred, the location of the crash, your email address, your phone number, and your first and last name. If you do not have the agency crash report number, our Naperville, IL car accident lawyers can help you locate it. You might have to call the Illinois State Police to get such information.

If you choose to get your crash report by email, you will receive an email containing your digital report from Expect to receive this email within ten days of requesting a crash report for a car accident in Illinois online. If it’s been longer than ten days and you still have not gotten an email containing your crash report, you can call the Illinois State Police directly.

Can I Get an Illinois Crash Report on Other Websites?

If the Illinois State Police didn’t complete your car accident report, you might still be able to find a copy of it online. Be wary of third-party websites that do not have any affiliation with law enforcement agencies. Victims can go to the website of the local law enforcement agency that completed their accident report to see if they offer a digital report service in Illinois.

Third-Party Websites

Searching car accident reports in Illinois will likely show results from various third-party websites claiming to provide victims with police reports. Unfortunately, these websites might not be affiliated with law enforcement agencies in Illinois, meaning the information they provide might not be accurate. Accuracy is crucial regarding police reports for car accidents, as false information could impede your case or prevent you from learning important details about your accident. Third-party websites might also charge unnecessary fees for crash reports in Illinois.

Law Enforcement Websites

Many law enforcement agencies in Illinois allow victims to download copies of crash reports online. Before you do this, confirm which police department responded to your car accident. Then, go to their website. Police departments typically have a section of their websites devoted to information about obtaining crash reports. If the police department that responded to your accident offers online downloads of accident reports, you can obtain your report that way. You might be taken to another website, like, to get the report. If a third-party website is linked on a police department website, it is fine to use. You will likely have to pay a fee for downloading a police report online, but such fees are typically under $10 in Illinois.

What if I Don’t Want to Get My Crash Report Online in Illinois?

You will likely have other options if you do not want to download your crash report online. Police departments in Illinois typically allow victims to get accident reports in person or by mail.

The Illinois State Police sends crash reports by mail upon request. To get your report by mail from the Illinois State Police, send information about the crash as well as your name and the name of the at-fault party. Mailed requests must contain a money order or check in the amount of $5 made payable to the Illinois State Police. Victims cannot send cash along with mailed requests for accident reports.

If a local law enforcement agency responded to your accident in Illinois, you can likely send your mailed request to that police department. Make sure you include the necessary information in your mailed request and send the correct payment amount in a money order or check.

Victims can also typically go to the police department that completed their crash report in person in Illinois. Police departments are generally open to the public during regular business hours and are closed on holidays. If you do go in person to get a copy of your accident report in Illinois, it may help to call ahead to ensure your report is ready before you make the trip. Accident reports typically take several business days after a car crash to complete in Illinois.

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