premises liability lawyerIt is well understood that falling from any significant height can result in injury. As a result, property owners, employers, and government agencies tend to take proactive steps to minimize the risk that individuals will suffer a fall from several inches to several feet off of the ground. Yet, less attention is paid to the kinds of injurious fall scenarios that occur with much greater frequency: same-level falls.

Same-level falls usually occur due to slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall risks. Challenges ranging from slippery substances on a retailer’s floor to uneven pavement in a parking lot can inspire bruising, broken bones, and even head trauma caused by same-level falls.

As a result of how common and how consequential same-level falls can be, it is generally a good idea for both residential and commercial property owners to fall-proof their property. Fall-proofing involves intentionally minimizing the risk of falls on one’s property. When property owners fail to engage in fall proofing, they could potentially be held liable for any harm that results if a visitor, a guest, or potentially even a trespasser slips or trips, falls, and is injured as a result of a preventable hazard.

Effective Fall Proofing Tips

When fall-proofing, consider the following potential hazards that may need to be addressed:

·         Clutter

·         Loose flooring

·         Slick or icy surfaces

·         Uneven pavement

·         Unreasonably dim lighting

·         Unsecured cords

·         Unsteady furniture

Property owners may also be potentially held liable for harm under certain circumstances if a visitor, guest, or tenant has made reasonable accommodation request related to a disability and that accommodation has not been honored.

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