Wheaton Divorce LawyerIt is hard to know when a marriage is truly over. Many couples go through rough times but are able to reconcile and work out their differences. For other couples, the differences are too great to overcome. Determining when reconciliation is possible and when it is time to end the marriage is not easy. In some divorce cases, the court may require the couple to attend a conciliation conference. The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether it is possible to salvage the marriage or whether it is better to continue with the divorce.

Determining Whether the Marriage Can Be Saved

Divorce is final so it is crucial that the couple is certain of the decision before proceeding. If there is a question as to whether the couple truly wants a divorce, a conciliation conference may be needed.

Conciliation conferences are often used when one spouse believes that the marriage can be revived. Either spouse may petition the court for a conciliation conference or the court may require the couple to attend a conciliation conference. The conference is essentially one last chance to save the marriage.

A therapist, counselor, or other mental health professional is generally the person who conducts a conciliation conference. The counselor works as a type of mediator to help the spouses discuss their options. The spouses can each explain why they do or do not want to proceed with divorce. They have an opportunity to talk about the problems that led to the marital breakdown and the potential solutions. In some cases, a conciliation conference results in reconciliation. However, the conciliation conference may also confirm that divorce is the right choice.

The spouses’ respective attorneys typically do not attend a conciliation conference. Furthermore, the issues discussed during the conference are privileged and may not be used in any future divorce case. However, if both couples agree in writing, then information discussed during the conference may be used during the divorce.

The court will not require a couple to attend a conciliation conference if there is a history of domestic violence or a significant power imbalance between the spouses.

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