Kane County Child Custody LawyerTechnology has become an integrated part of our everyday lives. It is not uncommon to see children using smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices as well. When divorcing parents set up their parenting plan, it is a good idea to ensure that the parents are on the same page about child-related issues. Increasingly, technology has become a source of contention for parents. Some parents allow their children to use electronic devices at any time. Others strictly monitor their child’s “screen time.”

To reduce the possibility of conflict in the future, parents are encouraged to discuss issues like these and work out a plan in advance. As you develop your parenting plan, make sure to consider the following technology concerns.

When Is a Child Old Enough to Have A Smartphone?

Unlike cell phones from previous decades, today’s cell phones are capable of accessing the Internet, buying products online, making video calls, and much more. Parents should ensure that they are on the same page about smartphones. Serious conflict can arise when one parent buys the child a smartphone without the other parent’s knowledge or consent. Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, it is important for parents to discuss when their child will have a smartphone, who will pay for the smartphone, and any rules regarding the use of the phone.

Will the Child Be Subject to Screen Time Limits?

Research has found that too much time on computers and other electronic devices can have a damaging effect on children. One study even found that excessive video games and YouTube videos can increase the risk of behavior disorders and mental health concerns. Will your child have any limits regarding the use of technological devices? Many parents have instituted rules about screen time. For example, a child may be allowed to watch Netflix for two hours after dinner or use his or her cell phone only after homework. Take some time to think about what types of limitations you would like to implement and discuss this with the other parent.

How Will We Teach Our Children About Internet Safety?

The Internet is like the modern-day Wild West. You can find almost anything and anyone online. Unfortunately, there are predators who take advantage of children being online. How will you and your child’s other parent keep your children safe online? Will internet use be monitored? Will you use parental controls to limit the types of websites your child can access or the types of videos he or she can watch? Put a plan in place for safety that both parents can commit to.

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