Wheaton Divorce LawyerWhen a spouse considering divorce starts to do some research online, they may be bombarded with “do it yourself” divorce services. These DIY divorce programs claim to provide an easy way to fill out divorce paperwork and end your marriage without needing to consult with a lawyer. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many spouses assume that these services will meet their needs, only to realize halfway through the divorce process that they are even more lost and confused than they were before they started.

Although there are no laws requiring a divorcing spouse to work with an attorney, consulting with a lawyer is generally recommended – especially if a divorce case involves children, complicated finances, business ownership, or significant conflict. Read on to learn about the disadvantages of DIY divorce services and compelling reasons to consider working directly with an attorney during your divorce.

Potential Savings Can Be Overshadowed by Costly Mistakes

The main reason that somebody would consider DIY divorce is to save money. They may have heard that hiring an attorney is expensive or that there is no need to pay for an attorney when you can do everything online. However, the potential savings associated with DIY divorce can be greatly overshadowed by the financial losses suffered by a spouse who does not know what they are doing.

A skilled divorce attorney will help you fight for the best divorce settlement possible, including adequate child support and/or spousal support. Furthermore, an experienced attorney will know how to help you steer clear of mistakes that incur avoidable and unnecessary financial losses.

The Stress and Hassle Are Often Not Worth the Savings

To put it lightly, divorce is a very emotional process. Many spouses underestimate just how grueling the divorce process can be. When you work with an attorney, you have somebody on your side who is there to advocate for you and answer all of your legal questions. You will not have to decipher complicated divorce laws or draft tedious legal motions by yourself. For many people, the peace of mind that comes with working with an attorney greatly outweighs the potential cost savings of a DIY divorce.

Getting it Right the First Time is Easier than Correcting Mistakes

It is too easy to make a mistake during the divorce process that leads to months or even years of legal and financial headaches. For example, do you know the signs of financial deception and hidden assets during a divorce? Do you know how to discover offshore accounts or undisclosed income? These are just some of the issues divorcing spouses should be aware of during their divorce. Failure to recognize financial deception can cause a spouse to agree to a divorce settlement that is grossly unfair and modifying property division after the divorce is finalized is extremely difficult.

Similarly, divorcing parents who do not address all of the necessary issues when developing a parenting plan may find that the process of modifying or enforcing the parenting plan is much more difficult than they assumed it would be. When you work with a divorce attorney, you are more likely to get it right the first time which means you will spend less time, energy, and money correcting mistakes or dealing with ambiguity later on.

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