What’s more important a credit score or the ability to save money?






Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a quick and easy process to resolve a household budget ridden with credit card or medical debt, but is it better to pay off your debts than to have them discharged in bankruptcy?




Credit Score




The concern obvious to most is that Bankruptcy is going burden a person’s credit score for the length of time the record remains on their credit report. The formula to determine a credit score is not disclosed so that it is difficult to provide a well-informed opinion. However, a bankruptcy can initially help a credit score if a lot of debt is being discharged, especially if the accounts being discharged are delinquent. The detriment of a Bankruptcy on a credit report will more likely relate to how high the score can reach in the future.




Saving Money




The capacity to save money is better than an immaculate credit score. It may take years to pay tens of thousands in credit card and medical debt that could otherwise be discharged in months. The discharge grants more feasibility for a household to save money that would have otherwise gone towards debt and interest payments. The savings would then be available in the event of an emergency so that debt does not need to be incurred and the credit reporting system will be avoided.








It’s good to pay back borrowed money, but we have an obligation or ourselves and our families to do what is in our best interest. Having a good credit score to obtain a loan at a reasonable interest rate is nice, but having the capacity to avoid the credit system is a form of financial freedom.




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