This article discusses the impact on spouses dying when real estate is their sole name. In Illinois, significant others and couples reside in real estate when one person’s name is on the legal title. Mortgages are often placed in one’s spouse’s name due to poor credit, or one spouse has a higher income and a credit score to meet the underwriting standards of mortgage providers

People obtain mortgages without a spouse or another person for multiple reasons. First, the person was qualifying for the mortgage primary by the leading financial contributor. Mothers often stay home and place their families above their economic needs. Moreover, self-employed persons need help securing mortgages because the underwriting guidelines are more complicated than those employed by a company. Mothers (and fathers) also tend to work part-time or have flexible work arrangements so that they can cater to their children’s extracurricular activities and school schedules. The cost of childcare also is a significant consideration for parents. However, these family sacrifices produce legal obstacles, which place families under challenging circumstances. People may also need to improve their credit, be proactive, and obtain estate planning before an incident