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The term “late-life divorce” is used because a person was divorced over the age of fifty. In addition to the word “late-life divorce,” “Grey Divorce” and “Silver Divorce” are terms that describe a middle-aged person divorced beyond the age of 50. We have increasingly become familiar with the divorce rate of couples rising in population. As a result, divorces beyond 50 years of age have substantially increased in popularity, and a divorce significantly impacts one’s familial status. In addition, premarital and post-nuptial planning are increasingly popular because spouses have experienced the divorce process and desire to protect their assets in case of a divorce. 

Prenuptial agreements are also known as “Prenups.” Postnups are legal agreements entered by couples post-marriage designed to protect one’s prior financial assets and create a smooth process in case of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements should cover the following topics: