Saturday, March 4, 2023

Article: Functional Siblings, Donor-conceived People – and Intestacy

Naomi R. Cahn (University of Virginia School of Law) recently published an article, Functional Siblings, Donor-Conceived People— And Intestacy, 48 ACTEC L.J. [5], 2023. Provided below is an introduction to the Article:

Naomi R. Cahn considers the legal rights of donor-conceived people and was factors must be considered when determining the rights same-donor peers should have in intestacy. She explains that changes to family structures have required the law to adapt to address the needs of modern families; assisted reproductive technology has encouraged the development of the Uniform Parentage Act and the 2019 revisions to the Uniform Probate Code that attempt to resolve some of the questions that arise regarding the rights of donors and donor-conceived people. After illustrating the competing interests of donor anonymity and the rights of donor-conceived siblings to connect with each other, she highlights some of the many unresolved issues that persist in the field of trusts and estates regarding donor-conceived people and calls for further resolution of this murky area of the law.

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