Naperville, IL Dog Bite Injury AttorneysDog bites can be incredibly painful and traumatic experiences. Even when a person receives immediate medical attention following a dog bite, they may experience injuries that can significantly affect their health, their ability to perform tasks or participate in activities they had done in the past, and their overall well-being. In some serious cases, dog bites may result in nerve damage, which can lead to permanent disabilities.

Types of Nerve Damage From Dog Bites

Depending on where the bite occurred on the body, as well as the size and strength of the animal involved, a person could experience several different types and degrees of nerve damage. Some common forms of nerve damage resulting from dog bites include:

  • Severed nerves – When a dog’s teeth puncture the skin and damage the underlying tissues, significant nerve damage can occur. In some cases, nerves may be severed, and depending on the location of the body where a bite occurred, this could result in a loss of sensation, a loss of mobility, or even complete paralysis.

  • Compression nerve injuries – This type of injury occurs when a person’s nerves are compressed due to swelling in the area surrounding the bite. This often results in pain, numbness, tingling, or even paralysis in some cases.

  • Entrapment injuries – These types of injuries occur when a person’s nerves become trapped or pinched due to broken bones or scarring around a bite wound. The resulting symptoms could include pain, burning sensations, muscle weakness, or loss of sensation in affected areas.

  • Infection-induced nerve damage – This type of injury occurs when an infection stemming from a dog bite causes inflammation and pressure on nearby nerves, resulting in pain and other neurological symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Nerve Damage After Dog Bites

The most common signs of nerve damage after a dog bite involve tingling or numbness in the affected area. A dog bite victim may experience weakness in their fingers or toes, pain that radiates from the site of the bite, or a burning sensation in the affected area. These symptoms can be mild or severe depending on how much pressure was applied to the damaged nerve during the attack.

In some cases, symptoms of nerve damage may not appear immediately after a dog bite. It can sometimes take days or weeks before nerve injuries become noticeable. It is important for victims to pay attention to any changes in the physical sensations they experience, and they should seek medical attention as soon as possible if they notice something unusual. Prompt treatment is key for minimizing the potential long-term effects of nerve damage.

Treatment for Nerve Damage After Dog Bites

The treatment options for nerve damage can vary depending on the severity of a victim’s condition and how soon it is diagnosed and treated. A doctor will likely start with conservative treatments such as rest, medications to reduce inflammation and pain, physical therapy exercises to help restore strength and range of motion in the affected limbs, or massage therapy to stimulate circulation around the affected area. In more severe cases, surgery may be required to repair damaged nerves or replace them with healthy ones from other parts of the body. However, in many cases, nerve damage is permanent and cannot be repaired.

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Nerve damage stemming from dog bites can range from mild to severe depending on various factors, including the animal involved, the parts of the body that were affected, and the medical treatment received following an attack. It is important for anyone who has been bitten by an animal to address their injuries promptly. In addition to receiving medical treatment, they can consult with an attorney to determine their options for pursuing compensation from the dog’s owner. At [[title]], our DuPage County dog bite injury lawyers can provide the legal help you need in these situations, and we will work to ensure that you will have the financial resources you need to make a full recovery. Contact us at [[phone]] to arrange your free consultation today.


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