Saturday, February 11, 2023

Australia worried ‘prolific’ sperm donors could lead to ‘accidental incest’

Australians are pushing for a new centralized database to replace the current system of tracking sperm donors in the country, which only tracks genetic material in the state of origin. With six states and two territories, it is possible for multiple half-siblings to exist throughout the country, spurring fear of accidental incest.

In addition to fears about the lack of data when genetic material crosses state lines, the rise of informal sperm donation has many concerned. Several families who have found traditional fertility treatments to be cost prohibitive have turned to the internet to source sperm donors. Taking money for donations is illegal in Australia, however, donors may be compensated for the cost of travel. As this practice continues to gain in popularity, experts are pushing for tracking of this sort of donation as well.

The cost of creating a central database may be expensive, but experts believe it is worth it for future generations of Australians.

For more information see Peter Aitken “Australia worried ‘prolific’ sperm donor could lead to ‘accidental incest’” Fox News, February 9, 2023.

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