My client, the Dill Pickle Food Co-op, is thrilled to announce that their former labor union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was decertified on 12/20/22! The IWW was replaced with our own employees’ union, the Dill Pickle Food Co-op Workers Union.

We’re really excited and pleased that our employees chose to go their own way and start their own union. The Co-op’s board of directors has consistently and publicly said that they wanted employees to be unionized. Unfortunately, the IWW just didn’t work out for all concerned.

A few noteworthy items about IWW’s decertification. The IWW was my client’s union for a few years. Over the past few years, the IWW’s behavior became increasingly erratic and unprofessional. They were very unpleasant to deal with. Thus, no one, including their own members, wanted to deal with them anymore, which is why employees decertified them. On the other hand, out of twenty eligible employees, only six voted. Three votes were in favor of our new union, two were in favor of the IWW, and one vote was voided because it wasn’t properly completed. Below is the official NLRB account of the vote. It only takes a majority of those voting to win an NLRB election.

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