Sunday, January 1, 2023

‘Last Hawaiian princess’ Abigail Kawānanakoa dies with $215m in wealth

Estate planningAbigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawānanakoa, Hawaii’s so-called “last princess”, passed away last month at age 96. Kekau, as she was known to friends and family, was the last living link to the royal family, which was overthrown in 1893 by American businessmen.

Ms. Kawānanakoa was known for her philanthropic work in Hawaii, such as funding scholarships for indigenous Hawaiians and maintaining the Iolani Palace, the formal royal residence which is now a museum. In 2001, she founded the Abigail KK Kawananakoa Foundation and designated $100m of her wealth to support native Hawaiian causes upon her death.

For more information see Kathryn Armstrong “‘Last Hawaiian Prince’ Abigail Kawananakoa dies with $215m in wealth”, BBC, December 13, 2022.

Special thanks to Joel C. Dobris (Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law) for bringing this article to my attention.

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