Classified Document Confusion

Following news that President Biden’s lawyers discovered classified documents at the Penn-Biden Center at the President’s former office at the University, Ben Joravsky invited Jim to join his regular show to discuss the new development. U.S. politics have been impacted by revelations regarding how high-ranking government officials have handled classified documents during and after their time in office since the tumultuous 2016 presidential campaign.

As listeners may recall, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s bid to become President was weakened by high-profile reporting on how she handled e-mails that allegedly contained classified and top secret information. While she was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, the story lingered throughout her campaign. Then, a national story broke in August, 2022 when FBI agents executed a search warrant at the club and home of former president Trump. Later, it was revealed that the National Archives had been negotiating with Trump representatives for months seeking the return of classified and top secret documents.

The details included that, at one point, the former president claimed to have returned all documents that belonged to the government. However, it was also discovered that the National Archives and Department of Justice had reason to believe that documents were still being withheld. After extensive negotiations, the Government was forced to seek a search warrant to search and locate documents. Based on reporting, they included sensitive papers that should not have been in the former President’s private residence.

Against this backdrop, the country learned that President Joseph Biden apparently located documents at his former center on Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Many details are unknown at this stage, but Jim joined the show to discuss what is known, what we will likely learn and to explain the context and contrasts between the two presidents’ document handling stories.

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