Enforcing Laws Promotes Justice

Jim Coogan joined The Ben Joravsky show this month to break down the latest coverage of various civil and criminal legal cases pending against the former President. Since the show began during the Trump Administration, Jim has been a regular guest on the show offering his unique insights into the legal system. The unusual nature of the Trump presidency and his business and personal entanglements has challenged State and Federal legal systems.

This time, Jim joins ben to review the widening investigations and explain how the law will apply to ongoing cases. There are civil lawsuits against the company. Civil lawsuits against Trump personally. And criminal investigations into document handling as well as the various grand jury and criminal proceedings related to the transfer of power following the 2020 election. All of these stories impact American government and life in various ways. And they carry implications for the equal application of the law for all Americans.co

Listen in as Jim and Ben find the humor where they can as Jim explains the legal process and what will happen next.

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