Chicago maternal death attorneyChildbirth is substantially less dangerous than it was in the past. Unfortunately, however, maternal injury and death during childbirth does still occur in rare cases. If your wife passed away during the labor or delivery process, you are probably feeling grief-stricken, confused, and overwhelmed. You may not know what your legal options are in a situation like this.

Each situation is different. However, some maternal deaths are directly caused by medical negligence immediately before, during, or after birth. If your child’s mother died as a result of poor medical care, you may be able to seek justice on her behalf through a wrongful death claim.

Causes of Maternal Death During Birth

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over 80 percent of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. Medical mistakes and substandard medical care during pregnancy or birth that can cause fatal medical complications include:

  • Failure to diagnose medical conditions and other issues that increase the risk of maternal injury or death
  • Failure to obtain and account for the woman’s medical history
  • Medication mistakes including the administration of too much or too little medication
  • Surgical mistakes during Cesarean section delivery
  • Use of defective medical devices during birth
  • Failure to recognize and properly address complications such as hemorrhage, uterine rupture, or infection

Pursuing Justice and Financial Compensation

A wrongful death claim may allow a grieving spouse to seek justice after an avoidable death. Bringing a claim against the hospital, doctor, or other at-fault party provides a means of holding the party accountable for the preventable tragedy. A wrongful death claim may also allow for the recovery of monetary damages.

Money cannot erase the devastation suffered by surviving loved ones, but it may help relieve some of the financial burden created by the unexpected death. Compensation may be available for medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.  

Contact a Chicago Maternal Death Lawyer

If your loved one died during birth, you may be able to take legal action against the party or parties responsible for this tragedy. Financial compensation may be available for medical expenses, lost financial support provided by the decedent, non-economic damages, and other losses.

Contact the skilled Cook County medical malpractice attorneys at Birth Injury Law Alliance, Ltd. to learn more about taking legal action after a maternal death. Our experienced team understands what you are going through, and we can help you take the next step. Call 312-462-4200 for a free initial consultation.



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