The Illinois General Assembly’s fall veto session recently ended, with state law makers adopting changes to the SAFE -T Act, among other legislative acts.

Looking ahead to the General Assembly’s lame duck session in early January, it is likely that an omnibus firearms bill will be considered by the state legislature in the New Year. HB 5855 has been proposed to amend several state statutes related to gun possession and firearm trafficking. The most publicly reported provision of the bill would amend the Illinois Criminal Code to make it unlawful to manufacture, deliver, sell, or purchase an assault weapon, assault weapon attachments, or other certain firearm accessories in Illinois. The law contains several exemptions, including the possession of these weapons by on-duty law enforcement officers or on-duty members of the armed forces, as well as the use of such firearms in hunting activities authorized by the Wildlife Code.

HB 5855 is in its infancy―we will keep readers up to date as it is considered and potentially progresses through the General Assembly.

Post Authored by Erin Monforti & Julie Tappendorf, Ancel Glink