Car accidents tend to take place every single day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 4,548,000 non-injury car accidents that took place in the USA. The damage-only accidents have managed to cost more than $70 billion in insurance settlements and damages. If you or any of your loved ones have been in an accident and didn’t suffer any injuries, you definitely got lucky. Most accidents by car involve some serious injuries due to the collision. However, if there aren’t any injuries, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sue for other damages.  If you come across such a situation, it is best to hire a reputed non-injury car accident lawyer.

Car Accident without Injuries: What can be Done?

For sure, car accidents can be a very traumatic experience for people, regardless of whether there was an injury or not. In case your vehicle has resulted in some damage, with or without your own injury, it is important to seek some advice from an injury lawyer or a lawyer for a non-injury car accident. They can get you the most compensation for any claim that you make.

Usually, non-injury car accidents can be solved with a proper settlement. However, if the insurance company isn’t offering you the claim that you made, it is important to consider taking the case to a nearby court. In this article, we are talking about the things to know about any car accident where you didn’t get any injuries.

Understanding Car Accidents with No Injury, Insurance Claims, and Lawsuits

You might consider yourselves lucky if you walked away from a crash and that too without any injury. But it will help a lot if you know about the options you might get for compensation in order to cover the other charges. In most cases, the victim of the crash is tasked with filing the claim for insurance in order to begin the entire procedure to recover the compensation due to losses and resulting damages. Claims might include the compensation required for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain, suffering, and much more.

Should you go for a Lawsuit or Settlement?

While the case of bodily injuries might result in a lawsuit or settlement, based on the accident and loss of the person, the situation is a little different with non-injury car accidents. In case you suffered no medical injury during the accident, there are no medical bills to prove the case. However, there are still some chances that you have for claiming the property damage. The person whose property has been damaged can file a claim with the help of a non-injury car accident lawyer. Even if the damage that is done to the vehicle is pretty small, it can cause some serious problems. Hence, someone is liable to pay for the damages for sure. In case you find yourself on the receiving end of the damage, you will be able to file the property damage claim with the insurance company of the motorist that was at fault.

How to Seek Compensations After a Non-Injury Car Accident?

While the rules might be different in each state or country, it is possible to recover some claims from a non-injury car accident. There are some damages that the at-fault motorist or the insurance company will be liable to pay for. In case the negligence of the at-fault driver caused the accident, they will be considered responsible in that case. Hence, they will have to compensate you for any damages that you might have suffered due to the event. There are many different types of non-injury damages that one can seek for sure. Some of these damages are mentioned below:

  •   Property Damages: Any financial compensation that the motorist has to pay in order to conduct the repairs of the vehicle of the victim as well as any compensation to be paid for the personal items that have been damaged.
  •   Suffering and Pain: In this case, the at-fault motorist has to pay for any of the emotional health consequences that the victim might have faced due to the car accident.
  •   Lost Wages: If the victim of the accident is no longer able to work due to the car accident, the motorist at fault will have to pay compensation for any wages that the victim might have lost.

Hire a Lawyer for Non-Injury Car Accident to make a Strong Case

The damages that are recovered will depend on the case of the victim. Every single car accident has its own unique case and the different types of the severity of any damage done can be used for determining the type of compensation that the victim will be entitled to. Hire Phillips Law Offices, the leading lawyer for a non-injury car accident to figure out the options you have. Call the professionals now!

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