Decatur Personal Injury LawyerGenerally speaking, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) plays an important role in ensuring children are safe and protected. When someone sees a child being abused or neglected, they can make a report to DCFS and can usually trust that DCFS will complete a fair investigation, taking any action necessary to protect the child. 

However, DCFS employees are people who are subject to the same shortcomings as anyone else. In addition to personal biases that may cause them to perceive a situation unfairly or incorrectly, DCFS employees may also fail to follow appropriate procedures when providing care for children who are taken out of their home. When this happens – especially if the child was wrongfully removed from the home – the consequences can be dire. Every year, children are seriously injured and even killed while in the custody of DCFS. If you are in this tragic position, it is essential to take action to try to hold these government agencies accountable for you and your child’s suffering. 

How Can a Child Die in DCFS Custody? 

Every year in Illinois, about 100 children die while in DCFS custody, in the process of having their home situation investigated, or after an investigation is complete. There are numerous reasons children die, but they are broken down into the most common categories: 

  • Homicides

  • Accidents

  • Suicides

  • Natural deaths

  • Undefined deaths 

While some of these homicides occur while the child is in the care of their parents, others may occur when a child is in the custody of DCFS or a foster care home. Children are also at risk of serious injuries from accidents (accidents are the leading cause of childhood fatalities) when they are in DCFS custody or a foster care home. Children may also be subject to violence from other children if they are living in foster or group homes. 

Injuries Due to DCFS Inaction

DCFS is required to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect. They are also required to inspect the conditions at daycare centers and other childcare facilities, as well as ensure foster homes and group homes are safe. If DCFS staff fail to ensure the conditions at these facilities are safe for children, children can suffer serious injuries. When inspections and investigations are not properly completed and a child is injured or killed, DCFS may be liable. 

Call a Springfield, IL Government Agency Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding out your child has been hurt or lost their life because of the negligent actions of DCFS can cause lifelong trauma for both you and your child. It is important to hold these agencies responsible for wrongdoing, and you can try to do this with the help of a Champaign, IL DCFS personal injury lawyer at [[title]]. Call our office today at [[phone]] to schedule a free consultation and find out whether we can help you with your case. 



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