This February, the Family and Medical Leave Act turns 30, and I am throwing a THREE-day party to celebrate!

A party where you and I spend NINE hours together over THREE straight days discussing nothing but the F-M-L-A.

In this interactive training course, I will help you master the critical components of the FMLA, and dare we say, the content might even get you a wee bit excited about administering the FMLA.

You read that correctly: Get ready to be FMLA-energized!

Using case studies (and perhaps a bit of humor), I will help you master the FMLA from beginning to end!  I also will highlight a TON of case law developments over the past year that impact FMLA eligibility for remote employees, employee notice of leave, medical certification and intermittent leave that you need to know about as you administer FMLA leave.

In this three-day, nine-hour course, you and your colleagues will learn how to:

  • Determine an employee’s FMLA eligibility, particularly where remote employees are involved
  • Understand the reasons for FMLA leave and what qualifies as a serious health condition
  • Identify a request for FMLA leave
  • Determine when an employee has put you on notice of the need for FMLA leave, and how to send out the appropriate FMLA notices
  • Implement effective and compliant call-in procedures for your employees
  • Properly review and push back on medical certification and recertification
  • Discipline employees when their absences exceed the frequency and duration on their medical certification
  • Effectively manage intermittent FMLA leave
  • Root out FMLA misuse in your workplace
  • Properly maintain employee benefits during leave and return employees to work
  • Administer FMLA leave where COVID-19 related issues are involved
  • Identify all the problem areas with your FMLA policy and learn how to fix them

On Day Three of our course, I will give you the content to create your very own one-hour FMLA training program. You read that correctly: the actual content to design your own FMLA training program to implement in your workplace.

For those who attended my FMLA Master Class earlier this year, think of this new 2023 session as a 2.0 course. We won’t dwell on all the basics as we did last year; rather, we will build on the basics to hit head on the difficult issues you face when administering FMLA leave. I also will incorporate critical case law developments over the past year that impact how you manage employee FMLA leave.

In attending this master class, you will receive:

  • An FMLA workbook (120+ pages) that you can use as your FMLA “bible” long after the course has ended. This workbook provides detailed analysis of virtually every aspect of the FMLA along with the latest case law for your reference as you manage these issues
  • A template FMLA training program to conduct a one-hour training course for your own managers
  • Detailed PowerPoint slides from the Master Class
  • A personalized link to access the Master Class recording after our session

Three days and nine absolutely blissful hours of the F-M-L-A. Are you dancing yet?

Here Are the Details

When: February 7 and 8, 2023 (12:00 to 3:30p.m. central time) and February 9, 2023 (12:00 to 2:00p.m. central time)

Cost: All three days for $425 (Access the registration link here). Email me at to receive a $30 discount code for a limited time.

What will I cover?  Access my detailed three-day agenda here.

Materials: Attendees will receive a copy of my 120+ page FMLA workbook, FMLA training template, a copy of the PowerPoint, and a link unique to you to access the recording of the master class afterward

See you there!