Lombard immigration lawyerBeing an immigrant to the United States can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be very challenging. In particular, undocumented immigrants face struggles when they are trying to deal with crime but are afraid to report crime because they might accidentally reveal their, or their loved one’s, lack of legal immigration status. This can leave immigrants exposed to dangerous levels of crime that can make life difficult or unbearable.

If you are suffering from crime in your neighborhood but are reluctant to call the police, speak with an Illinois immigration attorney. 

Certain Victims Have Protection

If you are the victim of certain types of crimes, you may have the option of pursuing certain legal protections, including a visa in some situations. These include: 

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – VAWA provides protection for immigrants who are related to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who subjects them to domestic abuse. Qualifying relatives include spouses, parents, and children. 
  • T Nonimmigrant Status, or T Visa – T visas are meant to provide temporary protection to victims of sex and labor trafficking. After the initial T visa application, applicants may be able to apply for a Green Card. 
  • U Nonimmigrant Status, or U Visa – The U visa is meant to help victims of crimes who cooperate with police and other law enforcement as they work to bring the perpetrator of the crime to justice. 

Unfortunately, sometimes ICE still does detain people who report crimes. However, this is rare, and it is important to contact an immigration attorney right away if either you or your friend or family member have been arrested by ICE. A regular police officer does not have the authority to arrest someone based on their immigration status alone. Additionally, you can often report a crime anonymously, so you do not have to give police your personal information. 

Will an Immigration Attorney Turn Me In? 

Many times, undocumented immigrants and their relatives are afraid of talking to an attorney because they worry that a lawyer will turn them in for breaking the law. However, as long as you are talking to a lawyer to get a legal opinion or legal services, your attorney cannot tell the authorities about you or your loved one’s immigration status. 

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