After getting into a crash, it is common for victims to suffer from injuries to the head, neck or back.
Many people only consider the physical impact of these injuries when considering the aftermath. However, back injuries often result in negative emotional and mental impacts, too.
Healing with chronic pain
The International Association for the Study of Pain discusses injuries after a crash and their potential impact. As mentioned, many of these injuries result in mental and emotional effects, too.
This is due to the fact that many back injury sufferers will go on to become chronic pain sufferers. Chronic pain is an umbrella term that describes any sort of pain which lasts for an extended period of time.
For some, this may eventually fade away during the healing process, but the healing process can still last a long time. For other people, their chronic pain is permanent and something they simply have to live with.
The overlap of mental health struggles and pain
Chronic pain has a high rate of overlap with mental health issues like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies also show that chronic pain sufferers struggle to maintain their interpersonal relationships due to the deterioration of their mental, physical and emotional health over time.
Dealing with constant pain and an uncertain future often exhausts people, making it harder for them to deal with other problems in their lives or dedicate their time to anything outside of healing. Thus, back injuries and resulting chronic pain are a major disruptor to a person’s forward progression, happiness and even livelihood.The post The true impact of back injuries after a crash first appeared on Cassian & Carter LLC.