kane county construction accident lawyerWLS-TV recently reported that a 25-year-old man was walking around a strip mall on Aurora’s West Side when he fell about 15 feet into a hole that was dug for utility work and got stuck. It took 20 different rescue agencies two hours to rescue him.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a contruction accident, you may be able to pursue compensation for your medical bills and other damages. 

Common Kinds of Construction Accidents

Some of the most frequent construction accidents in Illinois tend to include the following:

  • Falls from heights — Many construction workers will be performing duties from elevated heights, and failure to secure these workers can lead to falls causing severe injuries.

  • Crane or hoist accidents — While cranes and hoists are important construction tools, lack of training, operator errors, and other factors can lead to serious accidents on construction sites.

  • Slip and fall accidents — Construction sites are just as subject to issues with safe flooring as anywhere else, so there are often loose materials or other objects that can lead to a person tripping and falling.

  • Chemical exposure — Many construction workers will have to be dealing with certain kinds of toxic substances that can impact their health.

  • Caught-between accidents — One of the more common kinds of accidents involves a worker becoming caught between certain objects and possibly pulled into equipment.

  • Struck-by accidents — Workers could be struck by motor vehicles or other objects and falling debris on construction sites.

  • Electrocutions — Many construction workers are dealing with various electrical components that increase the risks of an electrocution.

  • Gas leaks, fires, and explosions — There can be all kinds of mistakes that may lead to potential fires or leaks that endanger workers.

  • Repetitive stress injuries — Many workers will be dealing with injuries that are simply the result of working too much.

Trench collapses, machinery accidents, and forklift accidents are also common causes of injuries on construction sites.

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