This month’s Business Bytes highlighs reservation of rights, avoiding hack attacks and workplace satefy.

Reservation of Rights.  While most states require your liability insurance carrier to defend you even if there is just an arguably covered claim alleged, they often do so under a reservation of rights. Then, as some celebrities learned, if the judgment is entered only on a non-covered claim (i.e., intentional bad conduct), your carrier may not only refuse to pay the judgment and your future defense costs but seek to recover from you the prior defense costs it paid. READ MORE.

Avoiding Hack Attacks. No matter how much you invest in hardwa re and software to protect your business from being hacked, human error is still the greatest threat to your business’ security. Through trickery, flattery, courtesy, or just persistence, hackers most often get access to your business secrets through you employees or former employees, do don’t neglect routine workplace training to protect from hackers. READ MORE.

Workplace Safety. Workplace safety not only protects your customers and employees, but also your bottom line with lower insurance premiums, claims and down time. Attention to safety can also avoid increased enforcement efforts from state safety agencies and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), with possible imposition fines and penalties that increase with inflation. READ MORE


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