IL divorce lawyerDivorce is notoriously expensive and the financial repercussions of divorce often extend long into the future. Understandably, then, one of the most common questions people have for divorce attorneys is “How much will my divorce cost?” While statistics can provide averages ($15,000 – $20,000) and medians ($7,000), the exact cost of divorce is impossible to predict ahead of time, even if a divorcing spouse could know in advance every obstacle they will encounter. Instead, what can be more helpful is to have a basic understanding of what you will likely need to pay for during divorce. Read on for an overview of common divorce expenses and then contact an Illinois divorce attorney who is committed to helping you get divorced in the most effective way.

Divorce Fees

As with all governmental functions, merely filing for divorce has fees associated with it. Divorce in Illinois generally costs about $350 to file and to respond to, although each subsequent court transaction may have additional fees associated with it (such as paying to have divorce papers served). You may also be required to pay for court-ordered parenting classes, court-ordered mediation, and court-ordered interim alimony.

Managing Two Households

If you are the spouse or parent paying interim alimony and child support, you face the additional financial burden of supporting your own residence in addition to the home your spouse and children still live in. If you move out during divorce, this could mean paying a mortgage plus rent, food bills for two households, and everyone’s utilities.

Attorneys’ Fees

How much you pay your attorney will depend on how long it takes you to get divorced and how much time your attorney has to spend reviewing your case, preparing for court, or chasing down information from your spouse or their attorney. Generally speaking, the fewer disputes a couple has when they file for divorce, the less they will spend on attorneys’ fees. Keep in mind that some people are required to pay for their spouse’s attorneys’ fees as well.

Call a DuPage County, IL Divorce Lawyer

Many factors go into the cost of divorce, so it can be difficult to anticipate exactly how much you need to budget. An experienced team of Hinsdale, IL divorce attorneys with Botti Marinaccio, LTD. can help you estimate the rough cost of a divorce case like yours and will work hard to move your divorce forward quickly and efficiently. Call us today at 630-575-8585 to schedule a confidential consultation.




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