Do you rely on public transportation to commute to work or other places? While buses, trains and subways are typically safer than driving on the road or highway, accidents can still happen. If you suffer any type of injury while riding on mass transportation, Illinois motor vehicle accident lawyers can help you file a lawsuit to obtain compensation.

Following are some common types of transportation accidents:

  • Collisions. A collision can occur with another vehicle or a fixed object. The injuries that result can range from minor cuts and bruises to conditions like whiplash or catastrophic injuries, or even death. Causes of a mass transportation collision can vary. While in some cases the driver may be to blame, an accident can also occur if the vehicle is poorly maintained.
  • Defective vehicle. Vehicle defects can occur suddenly and without warning and lead to devastating transportation accidents. Rail defects, brake defects and tire defects can cause a public transportation vehicle to become unstable and difficult to maneuver.
  • Driver error. Sometimes accidents are caused by a single individual ― the driver. Operators of buses, trains, and subway cars must undergo special training. In addition, if a driver of a bus or other form of mass transportation uses alcohol or drugs, he or she can endanger the lives of passengers.

If you suffer injury in a bus, train or subway accident, someone is to blame and you deserve justice. An experienced team of lawyers that handles motor vehicle accidents in Chicago can assist you in filing a lawsuit.

The lawyers at Phillips Law Offices provide comprehensive legal support to anyone who suffers an injury on a transportation vehicle. Steadfast and experienced, we are here to stand by your side.

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