naperville divorce lawyerIt is no secret that a divorce can be a lengthy process. If the relationship between the couple has become increasingly hostile, it can be exceptionally difficult. Conversely, if the couple wishes to end the marriage but seeks an uncontested divorce, then their compromises and agreements on many issues can expedite the process quite a bit. Depending on a multitude of issues, you can expect a divorce to take anywhere from several months to several years. The key factor is how much conflict lies between you and your spouse.

What Factors Influence the Duration of a Divorce?

A divorce is one of those unfortunate events in one’s life that most typically want to end as quickly as possible. There are certain criteria and steps that can be taken to help get you through it faster.

Children complicate the process exponentially. The courts are seeking the fairest outcome for all parties involved, especially if there are any children. Determining what is best for the children will take additional time. Parenting plans and custody will have to be established. The living situations of the spouses will certainly change and most likely impact the children’s life drastically.

If the couple has been married for less than eight years, or they have been separated for longer than six months, the process will be less complicated. In this scenario, the couple could potentially qualify for a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. A Joint Simplified Divorce will potentially only require one appearance in court to resolve the issue and finalize the divorce. 

Prior to entering the courts, if the couple has already established how their assets should be divided up, then there will be no need to involve another party to pass judgment on the divisions. The more compromise and agreements you and your spouse can reach will expedite the process.

The number of other cases the court must hear will impact when you and your spouse will be able to come before the judge. Additionally, filing the appropriate forms in the correct spots is pivotal in getting through the ordeal as fast as possible.

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