Saturday, September 10, 2022

The logistics of death can be overwhelming. New apps can offer help.

FuneralThere are new apps and websites available to those who are navigating the tumultuous time after the death of a loved one and can provide organized checklists to help them navigate the logistics of death during their grief. The creators of these digital services say the last two years in particular have created an increased the need and desire for these types of services.

The goal is to provide easily accessible information with the steps and how-to’s of going about tasks such as creating an online memorial page, how to plan eco-friendly burial services, lists of the best funeral songs, and how to find a home for the deceased person’s pet. While logistics are a way of bringing people to the platforms, many also include grief resources as part of their tools. Experts say that it is difficult to separate the grief. Having tools will not change the grief, but it will reduce the suffering.

For more information see Sophia Laurenzi  The logistics of death can be overwhelming. New apps can offer help.” Washington Post, September 4, 2022.

Special thanks to Deborah Matthews (Virginia Estate Planning Attorney) for bringing this article to my attention.

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