Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Queen’s lying-in-state: The symbolism and ceremony

Queen CoffinEarlier today, the Queen’s coffin made the slow journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in a ceremonial processional as thousands of mourners lined the streets to pay their respects. The Scots Guards and Grenadier Guards played the procession at a slow pace of 75 steps per minute, which is reserved for sombre occasions. The Queen’s family followed behind the coffin on foot. 

The Queen’s closed coffin is draped in the Royal Standard and Imperial State Crown where she will continue to lie ins state for the next five days. Each corner of the platform is guarded in continuous vigil by soldiers from the Royal Household. 

As the first in line to the British Throne, Prince William is now considered a much wealthier man. Because Royal wills are not made public, the public only has an estimation of the Queen’s estate, which is made up of her jewels, art collection, investments, and residences. Much of the family’s fortune is made up of the Crown Estate, which now belongs to King Charles as reigning monarch. A slice of the Crown Estate is returned to the government called the Sovereign Grant.

The Sovereign Grant can only be spent on royal duties, and King Charles nor his heirs are permitted to benefit from the sale of assets in their duchies. Any large sales must be approved by the UK Treasury and all profit must be reinvested back into the estate.

For more information see Anna Cooban  Prince William just inherited a 685-year-old estate worth $1 billion” CNN Business, September 14, 2022 and The Visual Journalism Team “Queen’s lying-in-state: The symbolism and ceremony” BBC, September 14, 2022.

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