Many divorced parents will admit that co-parenting and dealing with Illinois child custody issues are among the biggest challenges they face after the case concludes. You can probably guess that positive outcomes are possible with a solid co-parenting arrangement, and a Psychology Today article covers this topic. Children better understand the concepts of conscience and morality and are more likely to develop an easygoing personality, when co-parents work together. Conflicts often lead to higher levels of misbehavior.


Still, even when you agree on the need for positive co-parenting, it is not always clear how to get there. You should always trust Chicago child custody lawyers for help with any legal requirements, but some tips on making co-parenting work might offer some insight.

Stick To A Parenting Schedule

A common complaint between co-parents is disruptions in the schedule that they rely on to manage work and personal routines. You can avoid disputes by reviewing the parenting plan regularly, so you know what important calendar items are coming up. Put these items in your scheduler as a dedicated appointment and notify your co-parent right away of any issues that arise.

Communicate Effectively

Co-parents must interact, but there are means of communication if in-person and phone chats do not result in productive conversations. In some cases, you might correspond meaningfully through text or e-mail. When managing sensitive topics, it may be worthwhile to communicate through your respective attorneys.

Take Advantage of Technology

Both of the above tips are made easier through the device that is probably always by your side. There are numerous cell phone apps created to alleviate child custody challenges and several focus on the scheduling aspects of a parenting plan. They update in real-time, send notifications about changes, and issue alerts and reminders.

There are also mobile apps to enable productive communication, in which co-parents can share messages. These solutions go beyond mere texting, however. Most keep a full record of exchanges between parents, in case the information might be necessary in court. Some even “scrub” messages to eliminate inflammatory language, or will return an entire message that contains provocative content.

Commit To A Quick Exchange

In-person interaction is inevitable, so make a point of exchanging a word or gesture with your co-parent. Though you might not be ready for a long conversation, a wave or simple hello makes an impression on your child. If you choose to share a discussion, start off with a few positives focused on your child. Performance at school, extracurricular activities, and sports are safe topics that put you both in a good mood.

Our Chicago Child Custody Lawyers Can Provide Personalized Advice

These tips on making co-parenting work are useful, but it is not always possible to avoid disputes. When conflicts arise, legal help is crucial for working things out and handling any necessary court appearances. For more information, please contact Michael C. Craven. You can call (312) 621-5234 to set up a free consultation with a Chicago child custody attorney. After learning the details, we can discuss potential strategies for achieving your goals.

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