Divorce can be complicated and emotionally exhausting, so parties understandably want to move through it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, delays can impact the proceedings, making it feel like your case is mired in the legal process. You should be aware that some are an unavoidable product of the law. Meeting the detailed requirements of the Illinois Dissolution of Marriage Act can take time as the parties address property division, alimony, and issues related to minor children.

However, there are also disruptions that can affect your individual divorce case. By working with divorce lawyers in Chicago, you are in a better position to minimize delays or avoid them entirely. Some are within your control and others are not, but the following information should at least let you know what to expect.

The Court’s Schedule

The Cook County court system is among the busiest in the nation, and there is little you can do to speed up the docket. However, you could take advantage of options that limit the time you spend in a courtroom:

  • Illinois law encourages parties to compromise on divorce issues, and the court will usually approve a marital settlement agreement. The judge will need to assess any child custody and parenting time issues, which must comply with the child’s best interests standard.
  • If disputes remain, mediation is an effective way of getting parties to see eye-to-eye. A specially trained mediator encourages productive conversation as a route toward agreement.

The Approach to Divorce

A critical mistake many parties make is viewing divorce as a win-lose lawsuit. Instead, look at the process as a problem that must be solved, and both parties must participate in the solution. You are more likely to reach an agreement when you realize you have some common goals. Even if you do not settle all disputes, you can still participate in mediation.

Parties Represent Themselves

If you are seeking a way to decrease delays in divorce, never try to go it alone. Mistakes and omissions mean multiple trips to court, and do not forget Cook County’s busy court docket. Your next court date could be months away, for every single error.

Misconduct During the Divorce Process

When one spouse conceals assets, the legal process for locating and bringing them before the court can be time-consuming. Misconduct may also involve a parent who does not comply with temporary court orders on child custody, visitation, and support.

With these matters, delays are far less harmful compared to your rights. You may need to fight to ensure fairness with respect to property division, alimony, and your rights as a parent.

Discuss Legal Proceedings with Our Divorce Lawyers in Chicago

As frustrating as they can be, delays can creep into the divorce process. You keep things on track by retaining skilled legal representation, so please call (312) 621-5234 to reach the offices of Michael C. Craven. We can set up a no-cost consultation with a member of our team. Once we review your situation, a Chicago divorce attorney will advise you on strategies for working through the proceedings efficiently.

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