The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides many burial allowance benefits to the families of service members who have died. These benefits include monthly payments, a burial allowance, perpetual care, and headstone or marker benefits. The VA also offers burial benefit to surviving spouses married in a legal union and children with an inherent right, and burial allowances may be eligible for dependents buried in a national cemetery.

The monthly payment provided to the families of service members who have died is called the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). The DIC payment the VA will pay is based on the service member’s rank when the veteran died, the number of dependents, and whether a service-related injury or illness caused the death also if the service-connected disability was passed on as certain birth defects.

Death Benefits for Military Members

Military service members who died related to their service or due to chemical exposure (such as Camp Lejeune water contamination) can qualify for VA death benefits.