Jim Coogan joined Lisa to discuss the investigation and evaluation of new medical cases.

Not every case is a ‘case’

The most important step in a successful injury case is also the first step: deciding whether to move forward with the case. Our lawyers discuss this with every potential client. Whether they are calling about a work injury or a complex medical case. For Plaintiff’s lawyers, we decide whether to invest our time, talent and finances into each case. So, the first step is always the most-important. Do we open the new case? Or does it stay closed?

Our Jim Coogan joined Lisa Wade on her show, “Should You Take That Case” on August 22, 2022. As Jim discussed with Lisa, the most important piece of evidence in nearly every injury case is going to be: medical records. Your medical records are evidence of the treatment you had. Every hospital and doctor is required to document tests, evaluations, diagnoses, and plans. They record information about how you became ill as well as the procedures they performed to heal you. Thus, it is obvious that the records are critical in cases where we are examining whether medical care was appropriate. But it should also be clear that the record of treatment in every other case is a key piece of evidence.

Every decision-maker, including judges, juries, and insurance evaluators, they all rely upon those records. So, when we get that first call and a potential client is in trouble and dealing with pain and medical appointments, we start the process right away. We get permission to seek those records. And when we have them, we can investigate what they depict.

Will we take your case

Will we take your case? Should we? The answer will always depend on the facts. We begin by listening to what happened and what is presently happening. And we always ask: who are the doctors that have been providing treatment? Did you go to the hospital? Is there more treatment planned?

This is because those records will include information about what happened and help support the truth of your case. They will also prove why the injuries you are suffering from were caused by the incident–whether it was a crash, a fall, or some other mechanism.

The first step in finding out whether you have a case that we can help you with is to give us a call or send us a note. Our lawyers are committed to finding the truth and securing justice for individuals who have been hurt, need help, and need a good lawyer to protect their rights.

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