DuPage County Divorce LawyerIf you were in a toxic marriage, you probably know that divorce is perhaps the only way to take your life back fully. Whether your spouse was manipulative, narcissistic, or outright abusive, you are done with it and ready to move on without them. Fortunately, your spouse absolutely does not have the power to prevent you from divorcing them. No matter what they try, you can ultimately get your divorce finalized whether they like it or not. There are, however, a few tactics they might try. Some of these tactics are meant to delay the inevitable. Others are merely an attempt to make you look bad through dishonesty. 

Your toxic spouse may, of course, try other dirty tactics that are meant to rob you of your fair share of any marital property. If this is the type of behavior you expect from your spouse, then it is extremely important for you to have strong and aggressive legal representation. 

Dishonest Divorce Tricks to Look Out For

The time period while you are in the process of escaping a toxic marriage through divorce can be intensely stressful. A few of the less than ethical tactics your spouse may try include: 

  • Lying about ownership – Neither of you walked into the marriage completely empty-handed, there was a time when you both had separate property. A dishonest spouse may claim that some of your separate property actually belonged to them. Or, they may accuse you of having taken their separate property, when in reality, you do not have it and you do not know where it is. 

  • Abuse accusations – Abusers often use the “DARVO” technique: deny, accuse, reverse victim and offender. Do not be shocked if they try to paint it as if you are the toxic one. They may even accuse you of having abused your children. In extreme cases, they may even lie under oath to obtain a restraining order. A strong attorney can help prevent others from falling for their act. 

  • Social drama – You and your spouse likely had a lot of mutual friends. A toxic spouse will do or say anything to get them all on their side. This often fails, but be prepared to deal with some unneeded drama in your social life. 

  • Unreasonable demands – Your spouse may begin making unreasonable demands. They may accept nothing less than sole custody of the children, the house, and permanent spousal support even though they outearn you significantly. Keep in mind that if this is their starting point in negotiations or mediation, they know they are not getting what they ask for. If you start getting wild demands like this, simply ignore it and let your attorney shut it down. 

Whether your spouse’s goal is to “win” the divorce, prevent the divorce, or just make you miserable, a tough legal team may be able to help stop their childish behavior. 

Call a DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

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