Wheaton Parenting Time LawyerIllinois courts use supervised visitation orders for a number of reasons. Often, this arrangement is temporary while parents have a divorce pending, or while a guardian ad litem is investigating an accusation made by one spouse. Even so, supervised visitation can potentially be uncomfortable for both you and your children. There are different levels and types of supervised visitation. Some parents are allowed to spend time with their children in the community, but with a designated chaperone present. Others must come to a visitation center to see their children. While it may take a little getting used to, this arrangement allows parents to maintain a strong relationship with their children despite an imperfect history or in some cases, a false accusation. 

What to Expect From Supervised Visitation in the Community

Many parents prefer this style of supervised visitation, as it can feel much more natural and offers a wider range of activities. If you have this type of supervised visitation, you may or may not be permitted to have your children in your home, so make sure you check with your lawyer first. 

You and your children can do anything from visiting a park to dining out to attending a ballgame. It is largely up to you how you use this time with your children. However, a court-appointed supervisor will need to be present at all times. In some cases, this may be a person you already know, like a family member the court finds suitable. In other cases, you may need to pay for a designated supervisor. 

Visiting Your Children in a Visitation Center

This type of supervised visitation is much more restrictive. You will need to go to a designated child visitation facility with trained staff supervisors. You may have to attend an orientation before your first visit to learn the rules and procedures. Rules usually include things like, “no swearing,” and “parents must not be intoxicated.” 

You and your children will usually be offered a semi-private room to reduce distractions. Visitation centers may offer varying types of entertainment like TVs with DVD players, video games, and board games or cards you can enjoy. 

The supervisor will be keeping an eye on your interactions with your children, but generally will not interfere unless she feels that something you are doing or saying is potentially harmful to the children. 

Take care to follow the rules closely, and assume that the supervisor could potentially pass information to the court. 

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