Chicago birth injury attorneysOne of the most incredible aspects of the miracle of new human life is the fact that, for the vast majority of pregnancies, nothing goes wrong at all. Out of the millions of cells that must divide and developmental processes that must go perfectly, for most families, there are no complications. But when unusual circumstances present themselves, a team of educated, fast-thinking doctors can make the difference between barely averted disaster and tragedy. Some of the things that go wrong are caused by genetic or physical conditions; others are caused by medical caregiver incompetence; and still others, like fetal macrosomia, are a combination of the two. Read on to learn about this condition and how it can appear in Illinois birth injuries.

Understanding Fetal Macrosomia

Infants with fetal macrosomia are more commonly known simply as “big babies.” An infant whose weight is in the top 10 percent of all fetal weights before birth has fetal macrosomia – usually, this means the child weighs more than about nine pounds. While nearly everyone knows someone who gave birth to a particularly large infant without consequence, fetal macrosomia can pose serious health complications to both the baby and the mother.

Why Is Fetal Macrosomia Dangerous?

A large infant can cause many problems during delivery. Potential risks to the mother include:

Potential risks to the infant include:

A Doctor’s Responsibility

In mothers with diabetes or infants larger than 11 pounds, a doctor may recommend a cesarean birth rather than trying to deliver vaginally. Even without a C-section, doctors must monitor infants and mothers very carefully and be prepared to respond quickly to urgent signals of fetal distress.

When a doctor, nurse, or midwife does not respond appropriately or makes careless mistakes during a delivery involving an infant with fetal macrosomia, the consequences can be devastating. Taking action against a healthcare provider responsible for injuries during delivery can provide parents with much-needed financial relief and help prevent similar incidents in the future.

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