Estate planningIn Alice Schroeder’s biography of Warren Buffet, “The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life,” she writes about a presentation that Buffet gave at the University of Georgia. 

When asked what his definition of success was, Buffet answered it’s not about the amount of wealth and accomplishments but the amount you are loved by the people you want to love you.

Here are a few ways to leave a legacy like Buffet suggests:

  1. Be selfless 
  2. Be empathetic
  3. Make work enjoyable and fun
  4. Follow the Golden Rule
  5. Follow your passion

For more Information:

See Marcel Schwantes “Warren Buffett: This is your 1 greatest measure of success in life (and if you don’t have it, ‘your life is a disaster’),” CNBC Make It, February 2019.

Special thanks to David S. Luber (Florida Probate Attorney) for bringing this article to my attention.–1.html