Tuesday, July 5, 2022

O.J. Simpson Sued For $96 Million By Fred Goldman Over Son’s Death

OJIn 1997, O.J. Simpson was ordered by a judge to pay $33.5 million to the family of Ronald Goldman’s after the court found he was liable for Mr. Goldman’s death. Fred Goldman says that with interest, Simpson now owes $96 million.

Simpson’s lawyers have argued that he does not have the funds to pay and that Simpson is prevented from earning money beyond his NFL pension and social security, which provides an interesting illustration of the value of asset protection. While playing for the Buffalo Bills, Simpson received an NFL defined benefit retirement plan, which was ruled “off limits” by the judge in the civil trial and can not be used as a source of proceeds to satisfy the judgment won by the Goldman family. 

For more Information:

See Demicia Inman “O.J. Simpson Sued For $96 Million By Fred Goldman Over Son’s Death,” Vibe, June 25, 2022.


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