Wheaton Divorce LawyerEnding a marriage means addressing several complicated issues, including marital property division and child-related concerns. Divorcing spouses in Illinois may use an alternative resolution method called mediation to discuss divorce issues and reach a resolution. Many people find that mediation allows them to avoid litigation and reach an out-of-court agreement that both spouses are happy with. However, mediation will only be successful if both spouses are committed to resolving disputes and willing to put in the effort needed to do so.

Determine What You Are and Are Not Willing to Compromise On

Divorce mediation almost always requires spouses to compromise on various issues. Before you start mediation, take some time to consider your priorities. What matters the most to you with regard to financial and child-related issues? What are you willing to give up? For example, you may be completely unwilling to consider a custody agreement that gives your spouse sole custody, but you are open to shared custody options. Maybe you are willing to move out of the shared marital residence, but you cannot bear to part with certain sentimental items or family heirlooms.

Be Realistic About Your Needs and Capabilities

Before you insist on certain divorce terms, make sure you have the logistical and financial capabilities to follow through with those terms. For example, many people fight to keep the house during divorce, but later realize that the house is way too much responsibility for one person to manage on their own.

Take Breaks As Needed During Mediation to Avoid Becoming Overly Emotional

There is no avoiding the fact that divorce is an emotionally burdensome process. Discussing divorce issues and negotiating terms during mediation can be exhausting on both a physical and emotional level. Do not be afraid to ask for breaks when you need them. Take your time and do not rush to any decisions. Be patient and kind with yourself.

Avoid Personal Attacks Against Your Spouse  

Most divorcing spouses are still healing from emotional and psychological wounds that occurred during their marriage. They may be harboring serious anger and resentment toward their soon-to-be-ex. During mediation, both spouses should avoid name-calling, accusations, and personal attacks. It can be hard to remain civil, but doing so is the best way to ensure that mediation will be as fruitful as possible.

Contact a DuPage County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

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